the outer wild (part 2: gunnison, colorado)

Well I'd have to say that Dean was on the right track! From the time we arrived in Gunnison, CO to the time we left I was wowed with the beauty of central Colorado. I'd been here as a teenager, Colorado that is, but only really around the Denver, Colorado Springs and Boulder area when I was racing and training at the Olympic training center....I'd never been this far south...and the sky was huge!!! 

When Chidel, Ashley and myself got in, Dean met up with up with us and it was off to a ranch that he'd actually taken Chidel to a couple of months earlier. Now it was time for us to make our way through the property to see if we could make it work...I mean, amongst such beauty, how could we make it all look gritty enough to be post apocalyptic?

Upon arriving at the ranch which was a forty-five minute drive from Gunnison, we took about an hour to walk the property, talk potential scenes, take pics and send the drone up to get aerials to help us plot out where everything could potentially take place. It was a killer location in this beautiful valley...Dean had done good :) Then we headed back for some local Gunnison Italian food and to turn in for the night because with travel it had been a long one.

The next day we drove up to Kebler Pass to see if we could find a cool location for the big stand off scene in the film...did I mention that this was a Post Apocalyptic/Western/Ghost story?...yea, well if it's going to classify as a western, you have to have a stand off in the movie right? Then we headed back down to the ranch to meet up with the owners of the property. We had a delightful time with the family in their beautiful home... :)

Then we ended the day at the Blue Mesa Reservoir which was absolutely amazing at sunset. I think we all knew at that point in time where we'd be shooting the film :)