A little about me :)

Hey Everybody! So I'm starting a blog!!! As if you don't already have enough crap in your life to fill the day with ;) Anyway, I've strategically timed this post to come out on the day that French Press Films released their podcast they did with me talking about how I got started in the film industry, what my thoughts are on being a filmmaker and my process as a cinematographer. This podcast will give you insight into what my background is and why I'm so messed up ;) So if you are at all interested in spending an hour with me or even ten minutes then click the link which will take you to the podcast. I had a great time hanging with Andrew and Roman over at French Press and if you take a listen maybe you will too :)

Steaks, Cakes and Cooks: Director of Photography Phil Briggs

photo credit: Chelsea Christer

photo credit: Chelsea Christer