"Special Forces"

With super villains running rampant, the world has been forced to trust the vigilantes they once feared in an effort to restore order, creating a new brand of law enforcement. Now, normal cops and super heroes must put aside their prejudices and join forces to save humanity. Starring Tania Gunadi (Blackhat, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Enlisted) as "Genesis", Mircea Monroe (Change Up, Magic Mike, Episodes) as Detective Alex Parker and Morte Burke (Drunk History, Enlisted) as Eugene.

. . .


Director/Editor: Phil Bucci

Producer: Brooke Dooley

Writer: Marcus Perry

Production Designer: Brett Hatcher

"Humble Pie"

"The Outer Wild"

"The Boat Builder"

"Til' Death"

I teamed up with Sundance Filmmaker Philip Chidel (Subject Two) for this heart felt horror that takes what we know as sympathy sickness to another level. Til' Death proved to be a success on the horror/thriller circuit taking the top prizes at Dragon Con, Pollygrind Underground and the New Orleans Horror Film festivals...The film stars actor Ramon de Ocampo who's currently starring on the hit SyFy TV show 12 Monkeys.

. . .


Producer/Writer/Director: Philip Chidel

Music: Eric Godal

Production Designers: Ipek Kemahioglu, Allison Sanders

Editor: Philip Chidel

"Everyday Black Man"

With a run on Showtime and BET Everyday Black Man was a successful first film for myself and director Carmen Madden. Starring Omari Hardwick (Kick Ass, The A Team, Dark Blue), Tessa Thompson (Selma, When a Stranger Calls, Heros) and Mo Mcrae (Sons of Anarchy, Wild, The Butler) the film was a hit winning "Best Narrative" at the Pan African Film Festival among many other awards and showings world wide.

. . .


Producer/Writer/Director: Carmen Madden

Co-Producer/Editor: Judd Flemming

Music: Dwayne P. Wiggins

Production Designer: Kirsten Larsen

Colorist: Carey Burns

"Smoke In The Room"

"With You Around"

"The Spirit Machine"

A father and daughter search for a turn-of-the century Edison device. It's "Goonies" meets "The Prestige."

. . .


Writer/Director: Timothy Plain

Executive Producers: Jake Grand, Tommy Maples

Producers: Trevor Dudeck, Oscar Bucher

Art Director: Heidi Boucher

VFX: Brickyard

"Blood of Man"

A Southern Gothic, coming-of-age tale set in the late 1960s...

. . .


Producer/Director: Ben Watts

Executive Producer: Kate Watts

Composer: Shelton Breeden

Editor, Colorist: Ben Watts

Set Photographer: Amanda Guy


William Harrison

Cooper Guy

Adam Boyer

Canon Kuipers

Faith Dillon

Lesley E. Warren


"Blood of Love"

After the death of her husband, a young woman acquires a machine that will bring him back to life. But the machine operates on blood and her husband's resurrections are lasting for shorter and shorter periods of time.

The Blood of Love took home the "Best Long Form Short" at it's first screening at the Nevermore Film Festival.....it's currently screening across the world.

. . .


Producer/Director: Jeff Meyers

Producer/Editor: Keith Jefferies

Production Designer: Jennifer Monk-Reising


Chris Stack

Mali Elfman

James St. Vincent